Welcome to our website.

I am delighted to greet you as the Chairman of the Association of Economic Representatives in London (AERL). The AERL is proud to provide London’s diplomatic community a valued platform for dialogue between high-level representatives of industry, policy-makers, academia and government.

Bringing together more than 250 diplomats and officials dealing with economic, trade, financeonline lending, science, innovation and business promotion, the AERL builds bridges and opens doors that would be much harder for members to access, if they are working alone.

AERL’s program is extensive, reflecting both the vast diversity of its global membership’s interest and the best of what London’s most dynamic environment has to offer. Emphasising the essential “human dimension” in diplomacy, the association offers prime networking opportunities.

The AERL looks forward to your continued interest and engagement.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Renggli